Frequently asked questions

Is there an update on when the new TrawsCymru app is going live?

  • We’re delighted to announce that our new passenger app is now live.  You can now plan your journey, buy tickets, track your bus and see how much carbon savings you are making by using the bus.

Are dogs allowed on TrawsCymru buses?

  • One accompanied, well-behaved dog or other small animal is allowed to travel with you on our buses at the discretion of the driver, who may reasonably decide where on the bus the animal is best carried. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are always allowed.

Am I able to take a bike on a TrawsCymru bus?

  • Generally, foldable bikes that can be safely stored within the luggage pen of the bus can be brought on at the discretion of the driver. Due to space and safety considerations, standard non-folding bikes are not typically permitted on buses.

When is the TrawsCymru T9 service due to resume?

  • The T9 is suspended until further notice. Any future updates will be posted on our website and social media channels.

When will free travel on weekends be brought back?

  • There are currently no plans to reinstate free travel on weekends. Any updates or changes to our services will be shared on our website and social media channels.